High Definition is an advanced fat reduction surgery suitable for all


Vaser Lipo is an advanced fat reduction surgery suitable for both men and women

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Patrick J.

“Hey guys! I don’t normally write reviews but this time I thought I must share my experience with everyone. Cosmetic surgery is a very popular thing these days and you have to make sure you find the right surgeon both experience and professionalism wise. I met Dr Joffily a good while ago when I first thought about having liposuction done. That time I wasn’t ready financially, but the minute I’ve spoken to him I knew if one day I’ll have the procedure done it will be done by him. Very helpful, very professional. Never felt rushed, answered all my (sometimes probably silly)questions and put my mind at ease. Both Dr Joffily and his whole team are fabulous, and now 3 days post op bbl, I feel awesome! Always available if I have any concerns, and the result even after 3 days is already fabulous! ” *

5 Stars Review
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VASER Liposuction, also known as Liposculpture, is a revolutionary fat removal technique used to contour and sculpt areas of the body. It is considered the most popular body sculpting option today.

VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) Lipo is much less invasive and results in a smooth, natural looking appearance, with minimal downtime.

It is well suited for all areas of the body – especially those resistant to diet and exercise – and allows for a much more precise targeting of fat pockets compared to traditional liposuction options.


Traditional liposuction procedures involve the removal of fat deposits using a process that is not tissue selective (suction). That means that traditional liposuction does not only remove unwanted fat but can also cause damage to surrounding blood vessels, nerve tissue, and connective tissue. Due to the high suction levels required, the post-surgery trauma to the patient appears to be greater with traditional liposuction and leads to larger areas of bruising and longer downtime.

By using ultrasonic technology, VASER lipo is a tissue selective procedure. The ultrasonic vibrations target unwanted fat, while preserving important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, and collagen. Taking advantage of the heat produced by the vaser probe, the expert surgeon can deliberately melt the fat before extracting it out, achieving far better and smoother results than traditional liposuction. This minimizes discomfort and bruising and allows for much faster healing and recovery.

Smart or Laser Lipo is a different type of liposuction using a distinct technique to remove fat and to contour the body shape. Smart liposuction uses laser technology whereas VASER liposuction uses ultrasound technology to target the unwanted fat cells. Although smart lipo is based on newer technology than VASER liposuction, VASER Liposuction is still thought to be the most advanced and effective form of liposuction. As mentioned before, with the ultrasound technology, the surrounding body tissues are left untouched which results in far less bruising and swelling and a shorter downtime.


This next-generation device of VASER Lipo High-definition gently delivers ultrasonic vibrations to the treatment area which liquifies only the fat tissues. The adipose tissues are then removed by a small cannula or are excreted naturally from the body. By removing only the fat, while leaving all other tissues such as blood vessels and connecting tissues intact, your skin retains its smooth and even appearance after the surgery. The whole process is completed with small incisions that leave minimal scars after the surgery.

The whole procedure can take up to 3 hours depending on the size and the number of the areas being treated. It is usually carried out with local anesthetic with light sedation or under general anesthetic.

VASER Lipo is suitable for both men and women and can treat just about all areas of the body including:

  • Abdomen
  • Waist
  • Lower Back
  • Inner Thigh
  • Outer Thigh
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Breasts

It can also be the right solution for patients who are not overweight and only need sculpting in very specific areas.

One of the most popular liposuction procedures is 360-degree body contouring. It is an all-inclusive cosmetic procedure that helps contour, tone, lift and better shape the midsections of the body 360-degrees around. Usually, the areas treated include the upper and lower abdominals, the flanks on both sides, and the lower and mid-back.


It is considered a unique cosmetic procedure as it gives you the custom results that you desire.

Many people, both male and female, feel dissatisfied with their size and shape. These negative feelings about their body sculpture can cause them unhappiness and insecurity, particularly if they cannot achieve the desired results after excessive efforts, such as following strict diet or intense exercise.

VASER Liposuction is a short and highly effective procedure and the best option to achieve changes in the body sculpture.

In Harley Elite Group, our goal is to make you feel good in your body. We will provide personalized solutions to your needs if the following are true for you:

  • You are aiming for sculpted delicate areas of the body, tighten skin and to add definition.
  • You are striving to remove excess fat deposits from targeted areas of your body.
  • You are realistic about the results of the surgery.
  • You are looking for long lasting results.


The recovery period is relatively small in contrast with other traditional liposuction methods. You will be able to return home within a few hours following the procedure. You may be required to wear a special compression garment for a few days.

We recommend that you wait 14 days before you begin again any rigorous physical activity. You need to stay hydrated, use the provided compression garment, a course of Lymphatic Drainage Massage therapy and follow a healthy diet.

You will have to visit the cosmetic clinic in 7 days to change dressing, remove stitches and ensure rapid and effective recovery.

Results can often be seen immediately, and the final results will become visible after a few weeks.

The price of such surgery is not standard, but it depends on various factors. It is different in every individual as it related to the quantity of fat we need to for the procedure as well as the number of the targeted areas. For instance, for one area standard-definition under local anesthetic starting price is £5,000.

Every cosmetic surgery is different which is why we do not publish our surgical fees but offer a personalized consultation to every client. Our philosophy is to provide you with expert surgeons for every treatment and customized services to cover all your needs.

In Harley Elite Group we offer you free consultation before proceeding with VASER Liposuction cosmetic surgery. So, the first step in considering a VASER Liposuction is to book a consultation with the clinic to discuss all your options. Fill the Video consultation form and we will contact you immediately.

Your consultation will be with a specialist who will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the VASER Liposuction procedure, including the possible side effects, risks and expected results. The doctor will also explore with you any additional procedures that need to be done together with liposuction such as tummy tack, Brazilian buttock lift, breast augmentation, face lift etc.

It is also significant that your surgeon knows about your general physical condition, your medical history, and you discuss your expectations and desired results from the surgery.


Based in Central London, Harley Street, our clinic is easy to reach any time a day.

We are the only aesthetic clinic on Harley Street, London, UK to have a specialist dedicated to each area of the body. Our expert surgeons have performed thousands of cosmetic procedures. We hold the highest standards for quality and perfection in every surgical procedure, like VASER Liposuction. We are available 24/7 and guarantee to achieve the best aesthetic result.

Contact us to experience the best and most luxury services tailored to your individual needs.

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