Face & Neck Lift

Surgical Face Lift procedures for both men and women

Face & Neck Lift

Surgical Face Lift procedures for both men and women.

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Eleonor H.

“My Face Lift has changed the way I feel about my appearance dramatically. Post-surgery has been so much better than I had expected and I was able to go back to my normal routine in no time.

5 Stars Review

Alex G.

“Thank you so much Elite Clinic for rejuvenating my face – I am thrilled with what you have managed to achieve.”

5 Stars Review
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Face lift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, is one of the most commonly requested procedures by both men and women. It is performed to remove or reduce the skin that has lost its natural elasticity – usually around the eyes, mouth and jaw line. The individual’s identity is often primarily determined by the face—its structure, overall appearance, and expressions.

This technique is used firm the skin by using multiple incisions that range from the forehead to behind the ears . This surgery is reserved for older patients and can create dramatic result

The sagging of the cheeks becomes emphasized as a person gets older resulting in a look that is old and tired. A midface lift is also known as a cheek lift. This lift provides volume and corrects a sagging cheek. In recent years, the approach to correct this common cosmetic issue has become less invasive with the trend of endoscopy. With this technique, there are practically no scars and the recovery time is minimised. This surgery is often combined with a blepharoplasty eyelid surgery.

This facelift treats sagging skin through a smaller incision, usually behind the ear and just up along the hairline. It is used for moderate sagging.
This technique involves several very small incisions are made into the skin on your face. The surgeon then feeds in an endoscope beneath the skin, allowing him to observe exactly which muscles need tightening and how much excess fat needs to be removed, if any.
The Mini Face Lift is recommended to people who have deep nasolabial folds or sagging facial structures, yet still have a firm and well-contoured neck. It is commonly used for brow lifts and upper face lifts. This type of surgery, however is not recommended to everyone. Our expert surgeon will be able to advise if the method is suitable for you during your consultation.

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