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Improve skin texture and tone (PRP)

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Sofia Y.

“I did vampire face lift and prp tratment . It’s incredible how such amazing results can be achieved I am thrilled and look 15 years younger, Lilyanna Marks is in a category of her own excelling and standing out from the crowd.” *

5 Stars Review

Charles G.

“Hair Growth PRP Treatment has worked miracles on my hair. I love how young my new hair makes me feel and look. Thank you ever so much Elite Group” *

5 Stars Review
Questions & Answers

The term Vampire Facelift refers to a medical procedure in which platelet-derived growth factors obtained from a person’s own blood are injected back into the skin of their face in specifically defined areas to enhance appearance and health.

The fluid that is injected, platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), is obtained by activating the platelets that are acquired from the blood sample. This procedure can be used to treat the whole face & neck. 

This is the safest treatment. The product which is injected comes exclusively from your own blood. This means that there is no risk of any allergic reaction. PRP works differently from Botox or Dermal Fillers, PRP stimulates new tissue and boosts existing tissue. PRP stimulates the patient’s stem cells naturally and causes them to produce more collagen, which is what makes the skin more youthful.

 This treatment is used for skin rejuvenation and can also help treat acne and acne scars.

It lasts up to 18 months after a sessions of 3 treatments. 

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