Breast Reduction

Also known as Mastopexy (boob job)


Breast reduction surgery, also mentioned as boob job

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Annabel A.

“I no longer have back pain and LOVE to workout! I feel so much lighter in my skin and can finally wear normal clothes! Thank you so much Elite Clinic and especially Dr Joffily who has been fantastic throughout my whole breast reduction journey”

5 Stars Review
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Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size and the volume of large breasts. It re-establishes the function of the bust and makes it proportional to the whole body.

With this cosmetic procedure, excess skin as well as fat is removed from the breast area to achieve a result of smaller sized but still shaped breasts. The purpose is to lighten the weight and prominence of the breast. The nipples will be reshaped or raised accordingly to create an aesthetic breast result.


The Breast Reduction procedure is the best option for patients with naturally very large breasts that cause discomfort, inconvenience, back or neck pain or those that have permanently increased in size following childbirth. The surgery is also performed in cases when one breast appears larger than the other.

In Harley Elite Group, we also provide Breast Reduction surgery for men to treat gynaecomastia, which causes enlarged breasts in males.

Breast reduction surgery is an option for men & women who wish to reduce the volume of their breasts making them smaller, less heavy, and more lifted. Especially, female breast size is determined by genetics factors, body weight, hormonal influences and it is seriously affected after giving birth. In some cases these factors result in an undesirable change in breast shape and size.

Most commonly larger breasts can cause inconvenience and several problems in every-day activities. They can affect your look (difficulty in find flattering, well-fitting bras and clothes), sports performance and your overall self-consciousness. This can include backache, neck pain and skin irritation such as rashes under the breasts.

The breast reduction surgery is suitable for every woman that choses to reduce the volume of her breasts and result in a more shapely bust. It is also suitable for every man who is tired of having large breasts. In Harley Elite Group, our goal is to make you feel good in your body. We will provide you personalized solutions if the following apply to you:

  • You are an adult with fully developed breasts.
  • You are struggling with the size of your breasts and feel dissatisfied with their shape.
  • You are realistic about the results of the surgery.
  • You are looking for long lasting results.


Many women have breast reductions prior to having children. In that case, during the procedure, special care is taken by your experienced surgeon to retain connections between the remaining breast tissue and the skin, in order to preserve breastfeeding capability.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthetic.

Generally, an incision is made around the areola, down the breast and then underneath along the natural curve of the breast. The operation then involves removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from your breasts and moving your nipple to its new position – usually while it is still attached to the blood supply. The final step is to reshape the remaining breast tissue. The skin will be reshaped, before the cuts are stitched together. Excess fat can then be removed via liposuction through the armpit area.

The operation lasts between 2-3 hours.

Breast Reduction recovery period is fairly quick, and patients are able to return to a normal routine after a week following the procedure. The full healing process is between 2 – 3 weeks. Swelling and bruising will also wear off over the first month after the procedure.

We advise patients to not get back to work immediately, but request for a week off work until the swelling disappears. We also recommend avoiding UV light for 2 -4 weeks to aid the scarring process.


You should avoid stretching, strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for up to 6 weeks after the operation. Stitches are removed after 7 days and the dressing is changed. Our surgeons recommend wearing a sports bra 24 hours a day for up to three months after breast reduction.

The cost of breast reduction surgery is not standard, but it depends on various factors. It is different in every individual as it related to the implants and the techniques used for the procedure. Generally, the starting price for Breast Reduction surgery is starts from £6,500  (it’s very individual ).

Every cosmetic surgery is different which is why we do not publish specific surgical fees but offer a personalized consultation to every client. Our philosophy is to provide you with expert and highly skilled surgeons for every service and customized treatments to cover all your needs.

The first step in considering Breast Reduction is to book a free consultation with an expert surgeon of our clinic to discuss all your options and answer all your questions regarding the procedure. Fill the Video consultation form and we will contact you immediately.

Your consultation will be with an expert surgeon who will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the breast reduction procedure, including the technique used, the possible side effects and the expected results according to your breast anatomy, bone structure and skin quality. The doctor will also explore with you any alternative options to achieve your desired result.

It is also significant that your surgeon knows about your general physical condition, your medical history, and that you discuss your expectations and desired results from the surgery.

We are the only aesthetic clinic on Harley Street to have a specialist plastic surgeon dedicated to each area of the body. Our expert team has performed over thousands of breast reduction treatments for women and men with success. We hold the highest standards for quality and perfection in every surgical procedure, like Breast Reduction. We are available 24/7 for you and guarantee to achieve the best result.

Our priority is your safety and your wellbeing. Contact us to experience the best and most luxury services tailored to your individual needs.

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