Cheek Lift

Cheek filler enhancement.

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Disclaimer notice: All results and benefits differ for each individual, pictures and text are posted with person’s consent before and after the treatment.

Leah C.

“I have had Cheek and Chin filler at Elite Group Clinic many times. It’s incredible how such amazing results can be achieved I am thrilled and now have the perfect profile , Liliana Marks is in a category of her own excelling and standing out from the crowd.” *

5 Stars Review

Amina W.

“I would highly recommend Lilyanna and the rest of the Harley Street Elite Clinic medical professionals-
from choosing the best procedure to achieve my desired look and a pain free procedure to a post treatment advice and aftercare.” *

5 Stars Review
Questions & Answers

Cheek Lift is a special technique we have created to correct deflated cheeks and add volume with injectable cheek fillers. With The Cheek Enhancement your face will look more contoured and lifted while your cheekbones will be more accentuated.

Cheeks filler are popular for people who want to restore the plumpness in their face. Filler can be used to replace volume in the fat pads of the cheeks. We control the volume of the product administered. The look can be anything from natural to overfilled. 

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