Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty

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‘The Nose is the frame of your face ‘

To make your nose more beautiful and proportional on your face is a matter of  “ ART “and working in very small details and exceptions.

Every half millimetre is important because it will look like your nose and change the nose shape.

”To build a harmony of your nose, you need to choose a /Physician with high experience for injectable skills, modelling of Aesthetics and advanced to have an artist’s feelings. “

Some patients have more noticeable anatomical structures which need correction.

In the past, it took patients much longer to decide about nose shape correction Due to the Cost, Downtime and risk associated with surgical procedures.

Everyone now, correct their issues.




Probably the best example is Liquid Rhinoplasty.

You can receive amazing just for 30 min treatment.

Some of us have heard the expression “rhinoplasty without surgery” or “rhinoplasty without a knife “. Many face the dilemma of whether to choose this method or undergo nose plastic surgery. But what exactly does it mean? What are its differences from the classic rhinoplasty and what are the advantages of each procedure? Let’s see in detail the answers to the most basic questions that one can have on this topic:

*What exactly is rhinoplasty without surgery?*

Rhinoplasty without surgery is a technique through which we can modify the shape of the nose using hyaluronic acid (gell). During the procedure, small amounts of hyaluronic acid in the form of a transparent gel are administered (deep )under the skin of the nose. In this way, we can replenish volume, cover nose bumps and correct asymmetries.

We administer the material very carefully in the appropriate places to create the feeling that the nose is shorter or straighter, the top more raised and the profile more straight. Hyaluronic acid is stabilized in the deeper layers of the skin, above the nasal skeleton and maintains its shape, modelling the aesthetic result we desire.

A Unique technique

for our Clinic is that we can involve a few units with Botulism Toxin, for better lifting and shaping and makes the nose more narrow.

We administered 2 units of Botox into the Depressor Septi Muscle, improving the lifting the tip of the nose. Also can be 2-4 Units administrate procerus muscle, for more lifting.

A benefit is to administer 2-3 units into the Nasal Muscle, especially for wide noses, become  2-3 millimetres more narrow.

The improvements of the results come in 14 days after injected botox.

It’s our key to make better results.

What happens during rhinoplasty without surgery? How long does it take;

They will numb the area with anaesthetic cream or using an ice pack for 5 min, then administer with a thin needle and syringe, the necessary amounts of hyaluronic acid in the areas of the nose that need to be corrected. The procedure takes less than half an hour and the inconvenience it causes is minimal. There is no pain associated with the procedure.

When can I return to my activities after the rhinoplasty without a scalpel?

This practice does not require a recovery period. It is enough to avoid hot drinks, not alcohol for 48 hours and not an intense physical activity for 2-3 days. The rest of the activities can continue normally, as soon as the process is completed.

When will I see the result?

The result is immediate. A small swelling that is created is absorbed in one to two twenty-four hours at which time the nose takes its final shape.

How long does the result of rhinoplasty last without surgery?

The result of rhinoplasty without surgery is varied between individuals and anatomy. Lasts up to 2 years depending on the skin type, the special characteristics of the nose and the speed with which each patient metabolizes hyaluronic acid. Our personal experience has shown that when the procedure is repeated 3 to 4 times, fibrous tissue is created which in several cases makes the result almost permanent.

What aesthetic improvements can we achieve with rhinoplasty without surgery?

The areas in which hyaluronic acid can be administered are the following:

The tip of the nose.

The sides of the nose,

The angle between the stylus and the upper lip

The nosedives.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty create smooth small or larger irregularities and asymmetries of the nose

It’s could make the nose look straighter

Make the tip   look pointed,  thinner

Make the top look more upright/lifting.

Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid or classic rhinoplasty? What are the advantages of each?

The main advantages of rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid are the following:

It’s a lot cheaper treatment.

Liquid rhinoplasty is safely threatened.

It does not require general anaesthesia.

It has immediate results.

There is practically no need for recovery. You can immediately return to your work and normal activities.

One of the important is :

The result is not permanent.

Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied, after a while your nose will simply return to its original shape.

Its price is much lower compared to rhinoplasty surgery

On the other hand, classic rhinoplasty surgery also has very important advantages:

It can effectively correct much more pronounced deformities and aesthetic problems of the nose compared to rhinoplasty without surgery

Its effects are permanent, so the patient does not need to come back to repeat the procedure

If there is a problem with breathing e.g. due to a crooked nasal septum this can be corrected at the same surgical time as concomitant nasal septum plastic

In case of simultaneous straightening of the nasal septum, your insurance company will cover part of the cost of the functional rhinoplasty

Who is the most suitable doctor to perform rhinoplasty without surgery?

The most suitable doctor to perform the rhinoplasty without surgery is the one who can also perform the surgery of the classic rhinoplasty. In other words, he is the rhino surgeon who specializes in nose plastic surgery. The reason is that the excellent knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the nose that the latter has protects the patient from possible complications and side effects. At the same time, it guarantees an exceptional aesthetic result within the possibilities provided by this procedure.

In any case, the two methods, surgical and non-surgical, do not compete but complement each other. The experienced and specialized doctor will inform the patient in detail about the possibilities of each method and together they will come up with the most appropriate treatment. 


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