How Aesthetic Treatments Help with Depression & Anxiety

How Aesthetic Treatments Help with Depression & Anxiety

When you look good, you feel good…that’s our motto anyway!

It is no secret that beauty and attractiveness are two characteristics that are valued today thanks to pop culture, the media and of course the endless beauty filters available to us on social media!

Not all of us are blessed with ‘model looks’ and feeling good without make up on. We all have ‘perfect imperfections’ and sadly often over criticize our bodies and looks more than we should.

Sometimes these judgements of ourselves lead to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence that no one should have to feel! Especially when these ‘perfect imperfections’ (as we like to call them!) can be easily fixed.

When a person is looking to enhance their appearance or correct any physical blemishes, they will often seek aesthetic treatments such as Botox, filler or PDO.

With these quick and easy non-surgical treatments, you have the opportunity to instantly make yourself look better, as well as improve your mood and self-esteem.

“You changed my life; you’ve made me more confident and happier”

Over the years we have had many clients come to us for advice and treatment because of personal insecurities that effect every single aspect of their life, from work to socialising with their closest friends and to their love lives.

How you feel about yourself is more important than how you look, but these also go hand in hand. We have many case studies with clients thanking us for changing their lives through aesthetic treatments. Many cry extremely happy and emotional tears after seeing their results and with how much instantly better they feel about themselves.

At Harley Elite Group, we are here to help with every aspect of your treatment. From the initial consultation we will guide and assist you to find the perfect treatment, not only for the body but also for the mind.

So that you leave our surgery in Harley Street in expert hands, feeling good and looking good too!

A common misconception about the cosmetic industry is that it is only for those in search of ‘Barbie Doll’ looks and just an industry for ‘pretty girls’. Many people unfortunately place a stigma on cosmetic treatments for only being able to help with appearances, however there is a lot that also contributes towards reducing anxiety and depression as well as boosting self-esteem and self-value. In fact, the cosmetic industry focuses on more positives than negatives, restoring confidence and helping others look and feel their best.

How we view ourselves both physically and mentally has a huge impact on our actions, thoughts and feelings.

Aesthetic treatment will of course eliminate undesirable blemishes you want to get rid of, but by doing this you are also removing any feeling of negativity you may have towards yourself. The result of aesthetic treatments can enhance a person’s mood by allowing them to feel good about themselves! Therefore, getting cosmetic treatment (surgical or non-surgical!) has a number of positive effects on a person’s life.

When you feel good about yourself, you will be more motivated to meet people and get more active in social circles. With an improved self-esteem, people will be more focused on their job and more likely to excel at it.

Cosmetic treatments are undoubtedly a controversial topic with lots of people having their own views and opinions, especially in the rise of cosmetic surgery amongst celebrities. However, if a treatment is able to fix insecurities, improve self-value, reduce anxiety and depression then surely this can only be a positive?

The increase in self-esteem following aesthetic treatments could be the reason behind the growing number of people who have opted to go under the knife in recent years. According to a recent survey carried out by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, saw an increase in 70% more aesthetic treatment consultations during lockdown.

When considering if any aesthetic treatments are right for you, remember that you are your own person, and you have free will to do whatever you want with your body. It’s important to understand your treatment in full and be sure to make any changes for you and only you, not based on other people’s opinion.

The selection of the right surgeon and expect is just as important as choosing the right treatment to have! Not only for obtaining the best results but to also have faith and confidence that you will get the care and compassion you deserve.

As people generally seek aesthetic treatments to feel better about the way they look visually, we would expect all our clients to have successful treatments that lead to enhanced self-esteem, mood, and social confidence.

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