What you don’t know about Lipo 360-degrees

What you don’t know about Lipo 360-degrees

Widely known as Lipo 360-degrees or circumferential liposuction, this famous treatment aims at a total contouring of the body, covering all areas around three hundred sixty degrees of midsection.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in all kinds of liposuction, Dr. Maurino Joffily shares below everything you need to know before considering this procedure. Book a FREE consultation with our surgeon to help you determine if it’s the right procedure for your needs.

Lipo 360 targets both large and smaller areas

There is no limit in the areas Lipo 360°can target. Both smaller troubled regions or larger ones around the middle section of the body who carry extra fat and cause dissatisfaction can be fixed. The unique characteristic of the procedure is that it can target multiple regions simultaneously.

Advantage of Liposculpturing

Another valuable aspect of Lipo 360°is the long-lasting liposculpturing effect. This means that, the procedure not only removes the extra fat from the abdomen, but also contours and reshapes all the regions in the midsection. The surgeon will also focus on sculpting the remaining fat deposits into a curvier silhouette.

Not a solution for weight loss

It is important to note that 360° Lipo can change drastically only the areas that have been treated. Lipo 360 is not the answer to weight loss as it targets only specific troubled areas of the body. However, it creates and ensures that the final result is aesthetically pleasing, with toned curves and comprehensive contouring. Therefore, the ideal candidate is one in their ideal body weight, who wants to remove fat from specific areas.

Liposuction is suitable for men as well

The fact that liposuction is suitable only for women is a myth. Men have the option to reshape their abdomen, create definition and sculpture. The most suitable procedure to achieve such goal is called abdominal etching and combines liposuction and liposculpture for men. Also known as six-pack liposculpture, this procedure can help men get abs on an instance without having to work out for years.


This non-invasive procedure can carve different shapes in the fat that covers the muscle and achieve the desired definition in no time.

Different Approach from Traditional Liposuction

360-degree liposuction offers a different approach to traditional liposuction as we know it. Traditional liposuction done with techniques such as VASER Liposuction is mostly done on the abdomen, waist, or the back. On the contrary, 360° lipo is a more inclusive surgery, covering all areas of midsection. That way, we manage to accomplish a leaner, smoother, and more optimally contoured abdomen, hips and back and a curvier shape from all angles.

Combine Lipo 360° with BBL

Who said a Lipo can be just a lipo? Many patients chose to combine Lipo 360° with the popular Brazilian Buttock Lift or BBL treatment. The combination of such procedures offers outstanding results achieving the perfect contouring in a proportionate body shape.

Firstly, the surgeon will perform 360-degree liposuction to reshape, reduce and sculpt the curves and waistline. Then, the hips are also widened, and fat extracted from the other parts is added to the buttock to add volume. These two procedures combined together assist the surgeon in achieving the desired projection.

Not a full body liposuction

Lipo 360° should not be considered fully as a body liposuction technique as it only addresses the midsection. Thus, it won’t suction fat from arms, thighs, calves, or upper back.

At Harley Elite Group your safety is our priority. We provide you with all the available knowledge and expertise on the latest and most effective treatments. We are available 24/7 for you to cover all your needs and desires. Schedule your FREE consultation with our specialists to discuss further about Lipo 360°, its advantages and/or risks.

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