Brazilian Butt Lift – Non Surgical Brazilian Buttock Filler

Brazilian Butt Lift – Non Surgical Brazilian Buttock Filler

There are numerous ways to add shape and volume to your buttocks, either through surgical or non-surgical butt treatments.

The far more popular and quickest way (which we can achieve in 45 minutes to be exact!) to add shape to your buttocks is through a non-surgical treatment known as a ‘Non-Surgical Buttock Filler’.

If you desire a more enhanced butt, with minimal recovery time quick results and no pain, then this treatment is the way to go!

Non-surgical buttock filler is achieved through administrating a filler injection composed of a natural substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is also used to add volume to the facial cheeks and to plump up the lips. At Harley Elite Group, we use two of the best quality products.

  1. Haycorp MFL2 adds to the Duration of the Effect:

The HyaCorp MFL 2 range of dermal fillers is hyaluronic based, hence why the effects are non-permanent but long-lasting. Like any other dermal filler, the duration of effect of this HyaCorp range is variable between clients and depends on several factors including age, type of skin, body metabolism, lifestyle, healthy living and the immune system.

2. GeneFill

The GeneFill filler line with their innovative manufacturing process offers a wide range of solutions from improvement of skin hydration, to filling and volumizing depression areas on the body, as well as contouring. A unique cross-linking technology is therefore used in GeneFill products to create a hydrogel that is more resistant to degradation and remains longer in the tissue. This is due to the difficulties of creating a large molecular product that is at the same time easy to inject as well as being non-toxic.

The (HA) volume augmentation provides practitioners with a larger ability to answer to the patient requirements with a safe procedure for the buttocks and small defects.

HA is created from a naturally occurring sugar that draws water to lubricates various body tissues. It creates temporary volume and is reabsorbed by the body within 1-3 years on average. Like any other dermal filler, the duration of effect of this HyaCorp range is variable between clients and depends on several factors including age, type of skin, body metabolism, life style, healthy living and immune system.

Bum injections provide a less invasive way to achieve butt lift fullness and are used when patients do not have enough excess fat graft for surgical buttock fat transfer, or if they wish to avoid surgery. For example, if you’re body shape is slim and you only require slight enhancement, shaping and symmetry, we will use enough HA to achieve your desired results. For safety issues we administrate 150 ml per one treatment, and it can be repeated a several times after one /two months depending on the volume you want to achieve.

What are the benefits of Non-Surgical Buttock Filler?

There are many benefits to Non-Surgical Buttock Filler as opposed to surgical procedures. The most obvious is the recovery time, which you can read more about below.

Buttock injections are one of the safest treatments to have, with instant results achieved straightaway through shape, and symmetry correction. Not only this, there is no pain and no recovery time required which is a huge benefit for those with full time jobs, or those looking after families.

As well as this, non-surgical buttock filler is one of the cheapest procedures to have to enhance the buttocks. The good news is, more product can be added in time if more volume is required, and the results last up to 3 years.

Another huge benefit is that butt injections can be used to correct post-surgical treatments and add further volume.

To summarise:

  • No anaesthesia required
  • No incisions or post-surgical scarring
  • No recovery time
  • Instant results
  • Results lasting up to 2-3 years
  • Quick and safe procedure
  • Cost effective

Is a Non-Surgical Buttock Lift Right for You?

You are probably reading this blog because you are wondering if this type of treatment is right for you. You may have considered a surgical buttock lift to rejuvenate your backside but do not want to undergo surgery or lack sufficient fat for a fat transfer Brazilian Butt Lift. If this is the case, then Non-Surgical Buttock Lift could be right for you!

At Harley Elite Group our experts will assess your personal needs and aesthetic goals in detail during your in-person consultation, to determine whether a non-surgical buttock lift is the right choice for you and take into consideration any medical conditions prior to any form of treatment to ensure you are safe, well and the treatment is a success.

When will I see results?

With a  Non-Surgical Buttock Lift at Harley Elite Group, London our patients can expect to see a noticeable difference immediately after treatment. You will be able to notice a more lifted and volumized shape as well as more symmetry to both cheeks.

What is the recovery time of BBL?

The good news about Non-Surgical Buttock Filler is that the procedure does not affect your seating position! In fact, following the procedure you will be able to return to your normal routine straight away.

Most patients experience minor bruising or swelling and we would advise to avoid exercising for one week.

Sunbathing, steam rooms and spa visits should also be avoided. Do not massage the area and do not take hot showers. Post treatment we advise to wear tight and supporting clothes to ensure a quicker recovery. Make sure you drink 3 – 4L of water daily.