Thread Lift

Lift Saggy Skin on Arms, Thighs Knees, Tummy and other body areas

Thread Lift

Lift Saggy Skin on Arms, Thighs Knees, Tummy and other body areas.

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Disclaimer notice: All results and benefits differ for each individual, pictures and text are posted with person’s consent before and after the treatment.

Haneen A.

“I have had a Butt Thread Lift at Harley Elite Group and I’m thrilled with the immediate results. There was no pain as a numbing cream was applied and I could go back to my routine instantly.” *

5 Stars Review

Ana T.

“Tummy Thread Lift has helped me define my muscles and overall tummy shape. I can’t believe that there was no pain or downtime – I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wishes to improve their tummy muscles” *

5 Stars Review
Questions & Answers

Body Thread Lift is a revolutionary aesthetic treatment that has been proven to reverse the signs of loose skin, restore youthful definition and bring spectacular lifting effects, similar to those delivered by surgical lifting procedure, but with zero recovery time.

Because Body thread lift is so safe, it can be used to treat almost any part of the body. We specialise in Knee, Inner Thighs, Stomach, Curves, Arms and Buttocks Thread Lift.

We have performed thousands of Body Thread Lifting treatments on different body areas. The treatment has proven to be very effective and has a number of benefits. It is safe, there are no cut marks from scarring, moreover, the threads are completely absorbed and are not visible. The patient is able to fully recover within a couple of days. The first effects are observed after 2-3 weeks, but considerable improvement appears after 2-3 months. After being inserted, the threads yield a double lift effect, which can last up to 2 years.

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